About The Band

All aboard the funk train! Mr.Breakdown is a lively funk band from Nyack NY who only cares about one thing, The Groove. The band has been refining its brand of hard hitting funk for the past 10 years and is headed to their next chapter. With two diverse and exciting albums under their belt, the group is preparing to explore new ground in the coming months with new recording projects. Past releases include the genre bending "Shake Daddy Jupiter" & a nod to classic funk from around the nation  "The Purple Bag". Catch this band live for a High Octane - Non Stop - Dance Party!


“It takes me back to my James Brown days because this is a funky band. Coming from the James Brown 'school of funk' as I have, it was really nice to go back there again and see a bunch of younger guys picking up on the hipness of the old school funk. Taking it back to the old school and keeping it funky. And that’s Mr. Breakdown for sure.”  - Bob Both Head Engineer for James Brown